Carbon Fiber Kelp Stick  


Kelp Removal Stick

An essential piece of race inventory in Southern California

Carbon Fiber Kelp Stick

The modern sailing yacht is a kelp harvesting machine.

A well designed modern sailboat has three pick up points for gathering seaweed and floating debris; a plumb bow, near vertical keel leading edge with bulb, and near vertical rudder leading edge.

The kelp stick is made with a huge curve in it and strong webbing with monkey fist on the end. The curve in the stick closely mirrors that of the hull of the boat. Swinging the stick down, next the the boat, and back, allows the webbing to get onto the keel where it can be swept down and will pull the kelp off.

•Made out of 100% real carbon fiber
•Removes kelp from the keel and rudder
•Three sizes available
•Sturdy handle with lanyard

Genuine carbon fiber kelp stick, made with hand layered, 2x2 twill pattern, carbon fiber around a pre-molded core.






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