Carbon Fiber Kelp Stick  




Carbon Fiber Sabot Boom

Strong and lightweight Carbon Fiber Sabot Boom made to Class Specifications. Includes top quality Harken hardware. Carbon Fiber Sabot Boom
Carbon Fiber Sabot Boom

Carbon Fiber Bow Sprit

Custom made Bow Sprits for all boats. Clear coated carbon fiber sprit, light and strong, engineered to withstand bending loads in the toughest competitive sailing. The carbon fiber sprit will be engineered and built to your specific requirements.

Carbon Fiber Bow Sprit


Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

•Made out of 100% real carbon fiber
•Fits standard size Jabsco marine toilets
•Custom orders available
•Comes with mounting hardware

Genuine carbon fiber toilet seat, made with hand layered, 2x2 twill pattern, carbon fiber around a premolded foam core.
The carbon fiber toilet seat fits standard Jabsco marine and boat toilets.

Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

Carbon Fiber Instrument Pod for the Mast

The lightweight, flexible Carbon Mast Pod makes installing instruments quick and easy, providing the ideal solution for racing boats. Can be designed to fit 3 or 4 instruments of your choice, providing a weight saving and stylish option for all sailors.
Carbon Fiber Instrument Pod
Carbon Fiber Mast-top Instrument Wand





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